Stinky Lewis' Handmade Bar Soap - Clove Bud

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This started out as a seasonal limited release, but it became so popular that it is now offered year-round!

This richly scented soap is enhanced with organic Pumpkin puree and organic Cacao butter which both cause lots of lather with a creamy consistency.

This isn’t a sticky sweet scent like many Pumpkin products out there; this is earthy, warm, and rich, both comforting and exciting.

These smooth vegan bars weigh 5 ounces and contain organic saponified oils of Coconut, Palm*, Canola, & Olive, organic Pumpkin, essential oils, organic fair trade certified Cacao Butter, Kaolin clay, organic Cacao powder.

*Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainably Sourced  

The Stinky Lewis' Soap Story

Gainesville resident Ariale Lewis launched Stinky Lewis’ Soap in 2000 and began to sell to local shops and farmers markets. Milan Mixson first encountered it in 2005 at a market and was an instant fan. When Ariale announced her retirement in 2015, Milan couldn’t imagine the awesome bar soap disappearing and asked Ariale if she could apprentice with her in order to continue to supply the community with that stinkin’ good soap. Ariale agreed and Milan began learning her recipes and methods, eventually becoming Stinky Lewis’ owner and official soapmaker.

Ariale’s original premium small-batch soap recipe is still used by the small business, right there in Gainesville, Florida. They take skincare seriously and therefore work diligently to source the best quality ingredients. The base oils, which are the main ingredients of soap, are all organic and are certified sustainably sourced whenever possible.