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Sea Pearls Reusable Sea Sponges

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* Sea Pearls Reusable Sea Sponges- Classics or Premiums are intended for "That time of the month"
* Sea Pearls Plus Extra Large and Firm (separate listing under Sea Pearls Section) are intended for daily support.


Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponges that come from the ocean. Here at Jade & Pearl, a great deal of care is given to every single sponge we send out. Each Sea Pearl is washed, inspected, trimmed, and packaged by our expert sponge squad. The detailed care that goes into each sponge ensures that we continue providing the same high quality sea sponges that we have offered to the women of the world for the past 40 years.


Sea Pearls are:

  • soft & durable
  • a naturally renewable resource
  • sustainably harvested
  • free of chemicals, bleach, chlorine, fragrance, dyes or synthetic materials
  • reusable for up to 3-6 months or more

sponge specs


sponge type


comes from...

classic atlantic, carribean, bahamas
premium ultra soft mediterranean sea




small 1 - 2"
medium 2 - 2.5"
large 2.5 - 3"+


Not sure which size?  Try our Multi Pack! (small, medium & large sponge)

Each package includes: 

  • 2 Sea Pearls (3 in Multi Pack)
  • muslin storage bag
  • informational insert


Please note: Sea Pearls are not synthetically manufactured. Because sea sponges grow naturally, they vary by shape, size, color, and texture. The sponges you receive may not look as pictured on this page and may look different from your previous orders. 

sponge care

Sponges can be delicate so great care should be taken when cleaning and using them. If cared for properly, sponges can last up to 3-6 months or more.


1. Use a natural chemical-free soap or soak for 5-10 minutes in a cup of warm water with one of the following:

  • 2-3 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tbsp baking soda (helps restore volume and density)
  • 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide (helps eliminate discoloration)

2. Rinse sponge and squeeze out excess water

Do not boil your sponge! Boiling shrinks and toughens sea sponges. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals! Do not soak your sponges longer than the recommended time as it could cause the sponge to deteriorate faster.


how often should sponges be cleaned?

Sea Pearls can be rinsed and reused multiple times and do not need to be sanitized after each use.  We recommend that you clean your sponge:

  • Prior to use for the first time
  • Once daily or every other day
  • If the sponge develops an unpleasant odor
  • Prior to storing

Sponges should be completely dry before storage!


how to trim a sponge

  • Sponges are easiest to trim when dry but can also be carefully trimmed when wet
  • Do not cut the sponge in half as Sea Pearls are trimmed to a specific shape
  • With scissors, trim around the perimeter of the sponge, a little at a time until you reach the desired size. 

If the surface of your sponge starts to become ragged, do not rip or tear the sponge.  Instead, trim the loose pieces off with scissors until the surface is smooth.  This will extend the lifetime of your sponge.


about sea sponges

what are they?

Sea sponges are plant-like organisms that grow in colonies in the ocean.  They are the simplest multi-cellular creatures in the animal kingdom.


what makes them sustainable?

Sea sponges are a naturally renewable resource as they have the ability to regenerate from fragments left from the original sponge. When sponges are harvested, divers cut them so the base of the sponge remains intact. This ensures that the sponge has the ability to regenerate and regrow so it can be harvested again and again. Sea sponges also reproduce during the harvesting process by releasing millions of egg and sperm cells into the surrounding waters. Due to the filtration function of a sea sponge, sponge colonies are not able to thrive in polluted waters.


how are sea sponges harvested?  

Sponges are harvested by hand-cutting the sponge or by hooking. Cutting the sponge and leaving the base intact is the best and most commonly used method as it encourages a speedier regrowth. To prevent excessive harvesting in one sponge bed, all sponges harvested must have a minimum diameter of 5 inches. Sponge harvesting is also strictly prohibited in protected marine sanctuaries and coral reefs.





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  • 5
    Great general-purpose sponges

    Posted by Ashley on 30th Nov 2016

    This product is excellent. I've been using sponges for a couple of years and I like them much better than the alternatives. They're nice and absorbent and very soft when wet. You can squish them into tiny balls and they'll fluff back up with no problem (when they don't, you probably need a new sponge). Useful if you need to temporary plug a leak in a small space! The biggest downside is that of course, you need clean water to rinse them if they've soaked up something dirty, and you may not always have convenient access. So that's an area where disposable products that absorb liquid come out ahead. Also, you could have an unfortunate accident if you were to sneeze or cough very hard while, say, holding a sponge full of liquid, since that causes many people to involuntarily clench their muscles. I would recommend placing another liquid-absorbing product underneath a full sponge to avoid messes.

  • 5
    I hope Jade and Pearl Exists for Eternity

    Posted by Angela on 15th Sep 2016

    Jade & Pearl, Thank you for continuing to provide this fantastic product despite being unable to market them as anything other than cool sea sponges. They are a life saver, and I am sending hugs to every single one of your staff members (if they're wanted).

  • 5
    Thank you Jade and Pearl

    Posted by Nelly on 6th Feb 2016

    I have using the sponges for 5 years. They saved my life! I could not imagine such a wonderful relief. I could not live without them! Thank you Jade and Pearl!

  • 5

    Posted by Jade & Pearl on 3rd Feb 2016

    We very much appreciate all the wonderful reviews and comments that have been received! Unfortunately for the time being we have had to remove all reviews that contain any implications of how these sea sponges can be used, especially and particularly as "medical devices". While we would love to have an open forum for women to share their experiences, we are limited as to what we can publish. We hope you understand. Please feel free to continue to submit your comments as we love to read them and hope to one day be able to share them publicly once again. Thank you! Love, Jade & Pearl

  • 5
    really love them

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2015

    Now that I've tried it I cant live without it!

  • 5
    Confortable and easy to use

    Posted by LuIsa on 16th Oct 2015

    I have been using them for around 8 years and I still think they are the best option. I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    the best.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2015

    I will never use another brand